Thermo-Tec "Suppressor"  Sound&Heat Control Mat 36" x 60" #14620
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Thermo-Tec # 14620 "Suppressor"  Sound & Heat Control Mat 36" x 60"

Length:60 Inches

Width:36 Inches

Installation:Self Adhesive

Thermal Protection Color: Silver

Quantity:Sold Individually

These Thermo-Tec Acoustical & Heat Control Mats are ideal for keeping excess heat and noise from your vehicles interior. In addition to the polyethylene film, these mats have a foil surface that provides direct protection from radiant heat. These mats are great for use on firewalls, floorboards, and doors. The suppressor mats feature a high temperature adhesive backing and are easy to trim for an excellent fit.
  • Item #: 14620

Thermo-Tec "Suppressor" Sound&Heat Control Mat 36" x 60" #14620

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