Thermo-Tec  18075-50 Heat Sleeve 3/4"x50'  Black
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hermo-Tec  18075-50 

Heat Sleeve 3/4"x50'  Black

Length (in):600.000 in.

Width (in): 0.750 in.
Maximum Ambient Temperature (F): 2,200 degrees F
Quantity: Sold individually.
Notes: Black color.

These silicone-coated fiberglass fire sleeves are designed to protect wires, cables, and hoses from high-temperature exposure, liquid spills, and occasional exposure to flame. The high-quality sleeving is made in the USA from braided fiberglass and coated with a compound silicone rubber. These heat sleeves are capable of continuous protection to 500 degrees F and short-term exposure up to 2,200 degrees F.

  • Item #: 18075-50

Thermo-Tec 18075-50 Heat Sleeve 3/4"x50' Black

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