Thermo-Tec 17100 Thermo-FlexAlum. HeatShieldSleeve 1"x 36"Silver
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17100 Aluminum Heat Shield Sleeves

UPC: 755829171003

Length (in): 36.000 in.
Diameter (in): 1.000 in.
Maximum Ambient Temperature (F): 750 degrees F
Installation: Slip-on
Heat Protection Color: Silver
Quantity: Sold individually.

Thermo-Tec Thermo-Flex aluminum heat shield sleeves are made from a composite heat shield material with unlimited uses. This composite material provides abrasion resistance, thermal insulation, and physical containment of hoses and wiring. The material is a combination of aluminum, silica, and stainless steel, which provides a sleeving that is flexible, lightweight, and strong. Install these sleeves on wires or hoses by slitting the material, rather than disconnecting the wire or hose ends. Thermo-Flex sleeves can withstand extreme temperatures of 750 degrees

  • Item #: THE17100

Thermo-Tec 17100 Thermo-FlexAlum. HeatShieldSleeve 1"x 36"Silver

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