Thermo-Tec 15002 Turbo Insulating Kit
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15002 Turbo Insulating Kit 


Installation: Locking ties
Quantity: Sold as a kit.
Notes: Designed to fit 6 and 8-cylinder applications. Kit contains exhaust Insulating wrap,
aluminized heat barrier, hardware and instructions


Thermo-Tec Turbo Kits were designed to protect, improve performance, and eliminate turbo lag of a turbo charger. These complete kits, to contain the heat produced by a turbo, fit a wide variety of turbines. These custom cut-to-fit kits come with an excessive amount of material to cover turbos from the smallest automotive application to heavy-duty truck applications. Turbo Kits are available for four, six, and eight cylinder kits. Each kit contains a roll of Exhuast Insulating Wrap 1 or 2 in., 1 yard of Aluminized Heat Barrier, and a 3 in. x 6 in. piece of Exhaust Insulating Wrap. Hardware and instructions are included.

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Thermo-Tec 15002 Turbo Insulating Kit

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