Thermo-Tec 14500
Induction Air Tube Heat Shield  4"x 36" 

Length (in): 36.000 in.
Width (in): 4.000 in.
Maximum Ambient Temperature (F): 2,000 degrees F
Installation: Slip-on
Heat Protection Color: Silver
Quantity: Sold individually.

Keep your induction air cool with Thermo-Tec Cool Tube heat shields. The unique lace up tube cover design allows these heat shields to fit from 2.50 in. to 4 in. air tubes up to 36 inches long. The lace on heat shield blocks over 98 percent of the radiant heat of the turbo and exhaust. Each kit comes complete with four different color laces, blue, yellow, red and white.


  • Item #: THE14500

Thermo-Tec 14500 Induction Air Tube Heat Shield 4"x 36"

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