Thermo-Tec 14004  Exhaust Wrap Blankets
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Thermo-Tec 14004  

Exhaust Wrap Blankets

Width (in):36.000 in.

Length (in):40.000 in.

Wrap Material:Thermo-Tec

Wrap Color: Silver

Temperature Rating (degrees F): 2,000 degrees F

Installation: Snap Strap

Thickness (in): 0.063 in.

Quantity: Sold individually.

Thermo-Tec's exhaust wrap blankets are flexible heat shields that simply clip over the upper portion of your exhaust manifold or headers. The fabric side faces the heat source for heat reflection, while the aluminized side faces away to offer protection from liquid spills and abrasion. There are sizes for V6s and V8s, as well as four-cylinder and straight-six engines. There's also a 3 ft. x 5 ft. blanket that can be custom-cut to fit your application


  • Item #: THE14004

Thermo-Tec 14004 Exhaust Wrap Blankets

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