Thermo-Tec # 13600  Anodized Heat Barriers - Self Adhesive
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Thermo-Tec Adhesive Backed Anodized Heat Barrier

# 13600

Length (in):24.000 in.

Width (in):12.000 in.

Maximum Ambient Temperature (F):1,800 degrees F


Heat Protection Color:Gold

Quantity:Sold individually.

Notes:Fiberglass insulation side handles continuous temperatures up to 300 degrees F.

Dress up your ride, while protecting it from the perils of radiant heat, with Thermo-Tec's anodized heat barriers. Thermo-Tec starts out with an aluminum foil heat barrier backed with fiberglass insulation and then applies a gold anodized finish that makes it more durable and attractive. The foil is able to handle radiant temperatures of up to 1,800 degrees, while reflecting 80 percent of radiant heat. Their fiberglass insulation backing is able to stand up to 300 degrees of constant heat without fail. Their ultra-strong adhesive back makes installation easy and is formulated to stand up to heat without breaking down. To making finding the right size easy, Thermo-Tec offers their anodized heat barriers in a range of sizes.

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Thermo-Tec # 13600 Anodized Heat Barriers - Self Adhesive

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