JOES RACING Digital Tire Gauge 0-150 - 32436
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JOES Digital Tire Pressure Gauge provides top quality at an affordable price. Nice size backlit numbers are easy to read even at night. PSI setting can easily be changed to Bar. Great accuracy is built into this versatile gauge. Laboratory Calibration to 1% Accuracy at .1 resolution. To spice up the deal we include a JOES Tread Depth Gauge in the package for FREE! As with all of our gauges, we provide a chrome factory installed angle chuck and we included a ball chuck in the package so you always have the right fitting for your application. Why worry about buying the right kind of chuck? We give you both! Look at PN#32436 for the 150 PSI Version!
  • Item #: 32436

JOES RACING Digital Tire Gauge 0-150 - 32436

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